Step By Step First Installation

COSMOX using “Option Tree” and will generate its very own layout and options automatically. So, if there is any earlier installation of “Option Tree” better backup and deactivate it.

COSMOX comes with 10 predefined color and options layout and 10 layout content offered (which only includes different positioned layouts not images)

And, we will show you how to import our XML dummy files. Why don’t we do it automatically? We don’t think its good practice, if there are contents earlier or anything else we don’t want to ruin it.

Follow the very simple steps below;

Step #1

Go to “Themes” menu and upload your theme then hit “Activate” button.

Good To Know : After activating your theme theme options layouts and color layouts are ready to use, see


Step #2 pass this step if you don’t want import demo data (posts, pages, portfolio posts, etc…)

Go to “Dashboard” and you will see a screen like below (if not earlier installed Importer plugin) or simply go to “Tools > Import > WordPress” go to screen 

Click on to “WordPress Importer” and following screen will be shown up

Hit “Install Now” button and then click on “Activate” link

And follow the steps by order

And then following screen comes up

1 – Browse for served XML dummy files (included in your package or download from here )

2 – Click to the button, and follow the screen below;

1 – Select user that you want to relate importing data with.

2 – Tick the “Import Attachments” check box (if you like to import provided medias. This option will take longer time to import but much better)

3 – Click on the “Submit” button.

Several minutes later (related with current network status and other things) you will see the screen below;

Important : Some reported they see only white screen, no worries! Simply once hit “F5 (refresh page)” key and everything will be alright. We believe this occurs on current server and network status, because there are media stuffs to download and import into your current installation.

And pages, posts, portfolio items etc… have to imported right now. You are ready go now, edit your widgets, change the content and more…

More Help?